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Online Tent Calculator (BETA preview)

Grow light calculator for plants with high light-demand. (flowering plants like tomatoes)
Recommended LED Grow light setup for 80 x 80 cm grow tents.


Provide length and width of your grow tent and we will suggest a light-setup.

This tool calculates a LED grow light setup to achieve the following light intensities (PPFD)
Flowering: 600 µmol/m²s
Vegetaiton: 400 µmol/m²s

accuracy: +/- 10%


60 x 60 cm

Grow-Tent 60x60 cm

80 x 80 cm

Grow-Tent 60x60 cm

100 x 100 cm

Grow-Tent 100x100cm

120 x 120 cm

Grow-Tent 120x120cm

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